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Kalo Nero

A small Greek village on the west coast of the Peloponnese...

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Right on the Ionian Sea and surrounded by the mountainous hinterland lies the village of Kalo Nero. The official population of Kalo Nero is 540 inhabitants, while in the summer months this figure can certainly be a little higher. Kalo Nero has an average of 312 sunny days per year; with the average annual temperature is 20°C.

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View over the wall

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A glance at the Villa Caretta


Going swimming in Kalo Nero

Kalo Nero is located on the Ionian Sea. In Kalo Nero you can go swimming from May to late autumn (November). During the winter months the water is gradually getting cooler around to 14°C. At the end of May, the water temperature raises again to reach the optimum swimming temperature of 24°C (water temperature in summer months).

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The name "Kalo Nero" in Greek, means "Good Water":
"Kalo" = good and "Nero" = water.

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Kalo Nero overview

Kalo Nero is located 6 km northern of the county town Kyparissia, in which there are other shopping choices.

strand kalo nero Bucht Kalonero

The bay of Agianaki (with small beachcafé)


Kalo Nero and the seaturtle Caretta - Caretta

Here in Kalo Nero - at one of the wildest and cleanest waters in Greece the protected seaturtles Caretta - Caretta are born every summer. There is a beautiful film about the seaturtles called "Tortuga". (See also www.tortuga-derfilm.de)

Caretta seaturtle in Kalo Nero; Juni 2012

Caretta in Kalo Nero

The "Archelon" has been taking care of the next generation of Carettas - Carettas on the beach of Kalo Nero for over 30 years, with the help of biologists and other volunteers. During the summer months you can assist Archelon and accompany them along their tour and you may be lucky enough to spot even the newly hatched seeturtles on their way towards the sea. In addition to sponsorships for a single baby Caretta - Caretta y ou can even take over a mother or a whole nest. For more information, visit the website of the Nature Conservation Society Archelon at the www.archelon.gr.


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